Know us Before u Need us!
  1. Cold weather alone is not the cause of frozen pipes. We find that it's the draft across the pipes that cause the problem. Take care of the drafts to help prevent pipes from freezing.

  2. FROZEN PIPES! Who wants to think about them? There are many solutions, heat tape, insulation or running the water in bitter cold weather. Don't wait till it's too late. It will cost you money!!

  3. Washing machine hose failure is a major cause of flooding in homes. You can now have stainless steel braided hoses installed, instead of rubber. It always happens when you are not home. Murphy's Law!

  4. Avoid rainy day surprises; check your sump pump to make sure it is in working order. Keep debris out of the pit. This can save you from a flood.

  5. Learn where your main water shut off is located, and how to use it. Make sure to have a quick closing valve installed. It can help in a panic!

  6. Scalding water is a major cause of home injuries. If your water temperature is over 120 degrees, please lower the temperature. Also, have anti-scald valves installed. Don't leave it to chance!



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